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He _almost_ made it on time. No more than a minute late, anyway.
The biology teacher wasn't the type to notice, though, and just kept
reading the notes that he was showing on the overhead projector.

One of the guys looked at him as he took his seat. "Late, huh?" he
asked, a leer to his voice.

Jason nodded. "Yeah. I walked Kylie to her class. She's a nice girl."

Laughter. "'Nice'... is that what they're calling it these days?"

Jason shook his head. "No, really. I wouldn't sleep with her even if
she asked me to -- she wants someone who can be exclusive with her,
who wouldn't want to sleep with anyone else. That's not me, and I
wouldn't hurt her by sleeping with her anyway."

"Yeah, right. She turned you down, so you didn't want that anyway,
huh? Never mind that tight, squeezable little ass or the fact that
you had your hand up her cunt yesterday."

They were teasing him, joking around like they always did with each
other, no different than ever, talking about girls just like they
always did, but for some reason it irritated him this time.

Jason shook his head again. "No, really. If she didn't have that
monogamy thing going, I'd be all _over_ her, you know? _Damn_, but
she's fine. But, you know, I'm not gonna be an asshole just to sleep
with someone." He grinned. "I mean, why the hell should I do that when
there's girls like Cristie and the cheer-leading squad around?"

"Dude... she's a _virgin_. You don't getter tighter than a sweet
little virgin cunt. Tell her whatever she wants to hear."

Jason looked at the guy like he'd grown another head. "No way am I that
kind of asshole. I _don't_ have to lie to get the chicks."

"Whatever. Someone'll get her eventually, why shouldn't it be you?"

"Because I like her, and I want her to be happy," Jason said. "I hope
she finds the guy she wants some day. Meanwhile, I'll be drilling
girls like Cristie up the ass. See? We're both happy."

"Not all asses are created equal, dude. If you don't want her cherry,
maybe I'll try."

Jason looked at him and shook his head. "Dude, she's a friend of

"Jase, man, she's just a chick."

"Dude, she's a person. If I leave a girl with tears on her face, it's
cause she came so hard." Jason smirked, and dusted his fingernails on
an imaginary jacket. "Been there, done that. I don't hurt girls.""

"It wouldn't hurt her to loosen up a bit. Hell, she'd probably get
over that whole hang-up."

Jason shook his head. "Nah. I've known a couple of girls who were
real prudes. Kylie's different -- she's really scared. Like a lot of
people are about spiders. She'd just end up never having sex again. No
_way_ I want that on my conscience."

"I didn't say I was going to scare her... hell, I'm not a monster.
Just see if I can get her to put out."

"Nah, that's what I meant," Jason said. "I meant that if someone was
to sleep with her, and then sleep around on her or just drop her, it'd
really mess her up. I don't understand it, I mean it's _weird_, but
she really thinks that sex is something... I dunno. Sacred, almost. I
don't get it, but it's _real_ important to her."

"She'd get over it. Heck, all virgins are a little weird about their
first time. Why the heck are _you_ so weird about it all of a sudden?
You fallin' in luuuuuuuv or sumthin'?"

Jason laughed. "Nah. But she's my friend, and I take care of my
friends. I promised her that I wouldn't let anyone hurt her."

Another guy said, "Dude, if you don't want her, she's fair game. You
know that."

He looked around. "Kylie is _not_ fair game, got it? I'd take real
offense if anyone tried to scam her into giving it up."

"Jeeze man, lighten up. A chick's a chick. They're interchangeable,
you just said so yourself. She wouldn't blame _you_ if Dave
sweet-talked her into putting out. Hell, she might just jump you
after he showed her she could."

"Guys, I mean it. Don't," Jason said warningly.

"Touchy touchy. I think you're spending too much time with all your
blood in your dick. Fine, we'll leave your little pet alone, but you
can't keep every guy in the world from wanting to lay her, you know.
Especially with that tight little ass twitching down the halls."

Jason grinned. "She's not a pet, she's a friend. And thanks." He
smirked. "And I'm not spending that much time with a hard on. I got two
_kick-ass_ blowjobs yesterday."

The teasing became more general as the teacher passed out Xeroxed
copies of the lecture notes before the bell rang.

Jason found Kylie by her locker getting her Math books. The first
thing he noticed was that her breasts were red and slightly swollen
looking. Her hair was messier than he'd ever seen it, and she'd been
crying, though she'd obviously made some effort to hide that
particular fact. She glanced in the mirror on her locker door and
started to reach for the hairbrush in her locker, then glared at her
image in the mirror and closed it instead, not quite slamming it.

Jason frowned. "What happened, Kylie?"

Kylie jumped guiltily, as if she hadn't noticed him standing there.

"What happened?" Jason repeated.

"What do you mean?"

"Kylie, I can _see_ that something happened. You've been crying, and
your breasts are red. What happened?"

Kylie glanced down at her breasts, then back up. "I hadn't noticed.
Nothing happened that wasn't a reasonable request. I just turn red
easy. Don't worry about it."

"Bullshit," Jason said. "They're swollen. Anything that leaves them
swollen and red is _not_ a reasonable request. Tell me what happened."

"_Nothing_ happened that you have to worry about. I could have
objected and I didn't.Didn't you want me to lighten up?"

"Not if it gets you hurt," Jason said, softly. "Tell me what happened,
Kylie, please."

"I'm not hurt.He didn't hurt me." Kylie started walking almost
angrily down the hall.

Jason followed her. "Kylie... I thought I was your friend."

"Then believe me," Kylie said. "I acceded to a request. It wasn't
even a demand, he knew it might not be reasonable. So what?"

"I don't like to see my friends cry," Jason said. "If it wasn't that big
a deal, why were you crying?"

"I wasn't crying about that."

"Then why were you crying?" he asked.

Kylie clenched her jaw and shook her head. "Nothing to do with the
Program. I _really_ don't want to talk about it, okay?"

Jason sighed. "Okay. You don't have to. But will you please tell me
what happened to your breasts?"

Kylie looked away. "A couple of guys wanted to feel me up in the
corner during warmup. I let them, they asked if they could get a
little rougher, and I said okay. End of story. They didn't mean any
harm, and I think they were actually kind of horrified that they'd
made them that red afterwards."

Jason laid his hand on her shoulder. "Okay. I just... they were all
red, and you'd been crying, and... I worried, okay? I like you."

Kylie stopped, quiet for a minute. "It's okay. Don't worry."She
continued down the hall, almost oblivious to the normal pats and
gropes, just stopping impatiently when one guy wanted to slide his hand
up between her legs.

Jason looked at Kylie worriedly. It wasn't that she was enjoying the
touches, he could clearly see that. It was as if she simply didn't
care anymore.

When they reached the classroom, Kylie plopped down in her chair and
pulled out her homework, plus what she did yesterday in class and
went ahead and passed it forward. The teacher took it and frowned.
"Kylie, I haven't assigned this yet."

Kylie shrugged. "You will, though. Tell you what, if I got even one
wrong, don't even tell me which one and I'll do the whole thing over

The teacher frowned, looking unhappy. "Alright, but... alright." She
looked at Kylie oddly as she stacked the papers on her desk and began the
lecture. Kylie leaned forward on her elbows, letting her hair cover
her face as she leaned over her textbook.

Jason frowned a bit more, watching Kylie closely; this was one of her
favorite classes, he was fairly sure, and if she didn't care about

She seemed to be concentrating on the book, but she didn't turn the
page the entire time. After the lecture, the teacher sat down to
grade papers, and a couple of minutes later, handed Kylie back the
papers she'd graded, with the 100 at the top. Kylie didn't even look
up at her, just mumbled, "thanks".

Jason bit his lip. Something was wrong. Maybe... no, she'd been okay
that morning, so it wasn't that something had happened the night
before. So what was it?

The bell rang without any apparent change, and she scooped her books
up to head out into the hall. The teacher looked like she'd like to
call her back, but didn't, watching her leave worriedly.

Jason followed her towards the psych classroom, watching her
closely. She repeated her earlier performance in the hallway. A few
people who had been enjoying petting her seemed to throughly dislike
her new indifference and back off almost instantly. A few people who
_weren't_ touching her before seemed to feel okay with doing so now,
and a couple of people looked as confused and concerned as Jason did.

Jason caught the teacher alone as they entered the
classroom. "Something happened this morning. I don't know what it is,
but she hasn't been herself since first period. Could you make up an
excuse to send the two of us to the library, so that I can try to find
out what happened?"

She looked over at Kylie, frowning. "I... suppose so," she said,
slowly. "You'll still be responsible for your classwork. But she
does have a right to privacy... if she doesn't want to talk to you...."
She shrugged. "You may have to just give her some time."

Jason nodded. "I know. But maybe... and if nothing else, it'll give her
some time in relative quiet to recover."

"Alright. We are starting a research project this week, and I was
going to be sending pairs of you to the library anyway. I'll just
move you two to the front of the list."


Kylie looked at the teacher with vaguely irritated suspicion when she
explained the project to the class and assigned the two of them to go
to the library, but gathered her notebook and pen with a sigh and
headed out the door.

Jason and Kylie, Naked in School

Jason and Kylie, Naked in School

Jason and Kylie, Naked in School

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